Heritage Rehabilitation & Living Center
457 Old Lewiston Road
Winthrop, Maine  04364

Heritage Rehabilitation and Living Center offers a full continuum of services that can meet short-term and long-term care needs. This includes skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, nursing home care, and residential care. We are committed to service and encourage choice and independence. Heritage Rehabilitation and Living Center also takes great pride in the quality of our staff, our facility, and the care we provide. 

For more information please call us at (207) 377-9965 or email
heritage@northcountryassociates.comWe look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Our Services

Quality Care on Many Levels
At Heritage Rehabilitation and Living Center we know that everyone has different needs at different times. In order to better meet the needs of our residents on an individual basis we offer options within the continuum of care. By providing these options in the same facility one can easily move from one level of care to another without leaving familiar surroundings.

Heritage Rehabilitation and Living Center also offers a safe and protected environment for those residents whose condition requires closer supervision due to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or similar type of dementia.

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Services
Our SKILLED NURSING/REHABILITATION UNIT, one of the finest in Maine, offers 24-hour care to those residents who no longer require hospital care but need assistance in order to regain independence and live with dignity. With that in mind, Heritage Rehabilitation and Living Center offers a wide range of rehabilitation services, including Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. Our team of technical and professional nurses is qualified to provide a continuation of treatment begun in the hospital setting. These services may include, but are not limited to: pain management for cancer patients, teaching self-administration of medications, safe and effective delivery of care after surgery, as well as our rehabilitation services. Patients may return for outpatient rehabilitation services which continues recovery in a familiar setting with trusted professionals once they return home. Local transportation can be provided.

Nursing Care
For residents requiring an extensive level of care, Heritage Rehabilitation and Living Center offers NURSING CARE which is unrivaled in Maine for professionalism, quality, and individual care. Here, a team of dedicated caregivers assist residents to maintain their highest level of independence while motivating them to socialize through activity programs adapted to their needs and abilities.

Residential Care
At Heritage Rehabilitation and Living Center we believe that independence is important. This is why our RESIDENTIAL CARE UNIT offers residents the ability to live their lives as they choose, with the security of 24-hour assistance and supervision. A wide range of recreation services, both planned and spontaneous, are available to residents. Nutritionally-balanced meals and medication management also make up the services offered. This is a more independent level of care, yet supervision and care planning are provided by professionally trained personnel.

Individualized Care Plan
No matter what level of care a resident may need, our staff encourages choice and independence in order to maintain one’s dignity. Our team of health care professionals interview each resident, evaluate their care needs, and place into action a “care plan.” This plan is used to ensure that each resident receives the care appropriate to their current health. Care plan directives can include physical therapy, speech or
occupational therapy, restorative care, medical supervision, group or individualized recreation programs, social services and special dietetic services, all of which are coordinated through Heritage’s outstanding professional and caring staff.

Family Focus
At Heritage Rehabilitation and Living Center we aim to make families a vital part of our residents’ lives and their care. Keeping families informed and involved is one of the surest ways to make life enjoyable as well as meet the needs and goals of our residents. Participation in our monthly family support group and Alzheimer’s support group available.

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